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What our customers have to say about FloodSax®


Steve Bray, SP Services

Steve Bray, owner of Shropshire firm SP Services, the leading supplier of emergency equipment to the UK Emergency Services.

“In late June we were in the unfortunate but not uncommon situation of having a local stream burst its banks and ended up with water rapidly approaching our warehouse back door.’’

“The FloodSax® saved the day and protected us from any flood damage. One week later they were still stacked up against our back door providing a level of protection we previously didn’t have.’’


Tracy Rowe, Housekeeping supervisor

FloodSax® sandless sandbags in action at Hiram College, Ohio, USA

FLOODSAX® sandless sandbags have been deployed several times at Hiram College in Ohio, USA, which has 1,300 students.

“My experiences with FloodSax® have been great! We have used them here at Hiram College many times during heavy rain in areas we know we have problems.’’

“We take three minutes to wet down the FloodSax® and we’re ready to go. Instant barricade! I would recommend them to everyone. Thanks for a great product!’’


John G, Hillcrest Colony, Watertown, South Dakota

Sandless sandbags rebuild dam wall. Hillcrest Colony, Watertown, South Dakota

“We had not needed our levee for some time. The water had been low and the levee was quite high. We had moved sandbags from one of its walls and moved them elsewhere. Within our community we will often to move and re-use materials for various purposes. This year the heavy snowfall and quick warming meant we were at risk for flooding.’’

“As the snow melted, we realised that we were going to need something to complete our levee quickly. We had recently seen FloodSax® demonstrated at a local Home Show and called them up. They had inventory in stock and we came to pick up enough to solve our challenge.’’

“When we arrived back to our community, water was already going over the low spot in our current levee wall. We quickly soaked bags and began to rebuild the wall. We were able to stop the flow and hold back the water!’’

“This is a product that can be kept on hand and put into use quickly. We were definitely happy that the FloodSax® worked in our situation and would encourage others to give it a try.’’

Thank you


Brian J

I’ve surprised the wife with sandless sandbags’

“I think it’s an amazing product. My wife couldn’t get over it.’’

“I soaked them and stacked them outdoors and they did the best they could. Whatever water made it in was soaked up by the bags that I set down flat on my boiler room floor. When I got back they were inflated and there was no water anywhere.’’

“I appreciate your helping my friends and me and thank you for the shipping!’’

Lisa K, Terryville, Connecticut

FloodSax® sandless sandbags are ‘an awesome product’

“My friends and I purchased a sizeable quantity of FloodSax® for use with rainwater leaking into our basements. They are a most awesome product and have been of the utmost help.’’

“My major motivation to purchase them is dealing with containing clean rainwater.’’

“Thanks you again for such a wonderful product.’’

British Army

Tests with the British Army

Each standard FloodSax® holds an amazing 20 litres of water and one army report on them states:

“The results were promising with the Floodbag being comparable, if not slightly superior, to the standard sandbag.’’


Julie Cunningham, Office Manager Carey Jones

Leeds architects Carey Jones, based close to the River Aire during the recent floods in Yorkshire

“We had some sandbags which we brought out of our plant room when we understood there was a risk of flooding with all the heavy rain.’’

“But they were making a right mess of the floor with the sand falling out and were very heavy to move about. Manual handling techniques are all wrong for sandbags and they are filthy things to shift about.’’

“Leeds City Council was unable to help and advised Julie to contact DIY stores, but none had any sandbags. So we searched the internet and found FloodSax®. “We are right next to the River Aire and were very concerned it would burst its banks. They gave us peace of mind.

“The floodSax were immediately expanded and put into place ready for action.’’


Bernice N

FloodSax® sandless sandbags are ‘a Godsend’.

“I love this product so much that I’m on my second double order!’’

“FloodSax® do what they’re advertised to do – that is, absorb lots of water (for example, in my cellar)! They’re conveniently easy to shape to whatever areas I want covered and the FloodSax® when wet are not so heavy that an older woman (namely me) can’t pick them up.’’

“What a Godsend this product is because I can’t handle sandbags! When I saw FloodSax® advertised on the weather channel, I immediately went to your website (which, by the way, is excellent), got the information I needed, called for my first double order – which arrived really fast, thank you! – and then spread the word to all my relatives and friends here in Connecticut and across the country.’’

“I don’t know whose ‘brainchild’ this product is, but give him or her a gold medal!’’

Mike H, Watertown, South Dakota

FloodSax® sandless sandbags keep McDonald’s watertight

“Every year, when the snow melts we have the same problem.’’

“South Dakota is no stranger to snow. We know how to deal with snow, but the snow melt was causing us problems every year – and that means lost time and money. We operate multiple McDonald’s restaurants here with a Watertown business office located next to an empty lot where snow is piled high all winter to keep the nearby parking areas clear.’’

“Each spring, as the snow melts, the water crosses the sidewalk to the side entrance of our business office and enters under the wall. We’ve tried traditional sandbags in the past, but they were hard to work with, hard to remove and still let water seep through.’’

“As soon as we heard about FloodSax® we were excited to give it a try! It was already winter when we deployed our bags, so we added a little water to them to ensure that they would stay where we put them.’’

“We laid a course at the snow lot edge of our sidewalk, putting down a layer two bags tall.As the snow melted, the bags automatically expanded to form an 8ins tall watertight barrier. The sidewalk stayed dry and there was no water entry into our office. When we looked at the FloodSax® barrier, you could see that it was holding back several inches of water.’’

“This is an excellent product that has provided a solid, cost effective solution for us.’’

“I would highly recommend the FloodSax® line of products.’’