FloodSax® Technical Info

What are they made of?

The FloodSax® nonwoven coverstock is made from polypropylene tissue, the back sheet is polypropylene film and the absorbent medium is wood pulp fluff and superabsorbent polymer (sodium polacrylate cross-linked)

Are they hazardous?

The coverstock, back sheet and wood pulp is not considered to be hazardous under normal conditions.

What about the super absorbant polymer?

Sodium polyacrylate is not considered an irritant under normal conditions, is not a skin irritant and not a respiratoty irritant under normal usage. If ingested it causes irritation of the mouth, throat and digestive tract. If you come into contact with it remove contaminated clothing. If you inhale it and difficulties occur after the dust has been inhaled move to fresh air and seek prompt medical attention. If there is contact with the skin wash with soap and water. If it gets in the eyes wash the affected eyes for at least 15 minutes under running water with eyelids open. If you ingest it rinse the mouth and drink plenty of water. Do not induce vomiting. In case of spontaneous vomiting ensure vomit can drain freely to avoid suffocation.

What about skin contact?

None of the components are considered to be a skin irritant.

What happens if FloodSax® is set on fire?

The coverstock polypropylene will melt at between 165°C and 170°C and decomposition will start at around 300°C with the release of the volatile hydrocarbons. These can be ignited by a flame or a radial heat source. Burning is accompanied by the release of flame molten droplets of polymer which could ignite adjacent flammable material. Carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, water and carbon (soot) are produced along with low concentrations of oxidation and breakdown products which include formaldehyde and acrolein.

How should FloodSax® be stored?

Simple. Just store at an ambient temperature. They can be stored with other substances without fear of contamination or harm.

What colour are FloodSax®?

FloodSax® are white and easily shows up contaminates.

And their physical and chemical properties?

The coverstock is nonwoven material, back sheet is plastic film, the absorbent medium is fluff mat and the superabsorbent polymer is dry powder. None give off any odour.

Exposure controls and personal protection?

No personal protection equipment is required and spill clean up methods are not applicable. If the FloodSax® have become contaminated then wear gloves and you may want to wear waterproof footwear and overalls.

Stability and Reactivity?

The FloodSax® are stable at ambient temperature.

Toxicological Information

All components have a non toxic reaction under normal conditions.

Ecological Information

No toxicological effect during transportation, storage and normal use.

Waste Disposal

May be disposed of at approved waste disposal sites in accordance with current legislation

Transport Information

No specific instructions.

Manual Handling

A fully inflated FloodSax® weighs 23kg. Customers and users should be aware of the potential dangers of handling FloodSax® when fully expanded. Suitable manual handling training should be undertaken and mechanical equipment such as sack trucks or trolleys or even powered equipment should be used to move loads where possible to reduce the risks.

Special Note

This information does not constitute the user’s assessment of workplace risk as may be required by other health and safety legislation.