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No FloodSax® are not toxic.

FloodSax® weigh Just 200 grams each – that’s a mere 7 ounces before expansion.

FloodSax® weight up to 23kg when energised and fully expanded.

FloodSax® may be disposed of at approved waste disposal sites.

FloodSax® can be energised in the floodwater itself or in a sink, a bucket or by a hosepipe.

FloodSax® come vacuum packed and have a minimum shelf life of 5 years and can be stored in a warehouse, storeroom and even under the stairs.

FloodSax® last in storage for 5 years.

FloodSax® take up to three minutes to expand.

Sandbags are Heavy and bulky, difficult to store, take up masses of space, are hard to get to the flood scene, can deteriorate over time and if punctured the sand gets washed away by the floodwater.

FloodSax® contain wool pulp fluff, super absorbent polymer (sodium polacrylate, cross linked)

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