Inventing FloodSax®

The story of FloodSax® and how they came about

FloodSax® have been devised by entrepreneur Richard Bailey who has previously won a Queen’s Award for Enterprise for his innovative emergency equipment products.

Richard has more than 20 years experience as a manufacturer and supplier of pioneering emergency equipment and has earned a global reputation with the emergency services and the Ministry of Defence. The idea was sparked when the army’s bomb disposal experts wanted an easily portable alternative to sandbags so Richard devised the BlastSax for them.

A Royal Navy test result concluded:


The use of BlastSax to provide protection to EOD personnel while preparing detonators proved to be highly effective. Noise was significantly reduced and all component parts of the detonators were contained within the BlastSax.


Richard then took the idea a huge stride further into the civilian and domestic market, devising the FloodSax® as an easy-to-deploy sandless sandbag that anyone can use anywhere and at anytime.

One of his previous inventions, the inflatable Aireshower Decontamination Unit now used on the 999 frontline, won the prestigious Queen’s Awards for Enterprise in 2000. HRH The Duke Of Kent personally presented Richard with the award.

EDS Ltd was the National Gold Winner 2007 for Products in the Green Apple Environment Awards. The Green Apple Awards aim to recognise, reward, and promote the best examples of environmental best practice and sustainable development both in the UK and around the world.

EDS Ltd received the National Green Hero Award in June 2008, a further accolade for its environmental achievements. This year FloodSax® was runner-up in the UK Trade and Investment Exporting for Growth Prize for the Yorkshire & Humber region.

FloodSax® have been officially endorsed by the National Disabled Fire Association (NDFA) that supports disabled people working in the fire service and the wider communities in which they serve.

FloodSax® have also been handed out to households in high-risk areas in the north east of England under a pilot scheme being run by the Northumberland Fire Service, the Government’s Environment Agency and residential energy efficiency specialist Eaga plc. Some local authorities such as Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council in Hertfordshire have teamed up with EDS Ltd to offer discount details to people worried about the high risk of flooding where they live.

Richard says he wants to put people’s fate in their own hands:


We have always been a very forward-thinking company and wanted to give some control back to the people in flood risk areas. FloodSax® are designed to control flood damage and will buy the time you need to move your loved ones and valuable possessions to safety


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